One extraordinary thing you can do to help your business, to improve your chances of success…

Is to work on loving yourself.

You might not have thought of the two as going hand in hand, being in direct correlation.

But they are.

Hello lovely

One extraordinary thing you can do to help your business, to improve your chances of success…

Is to work on loving yourself.

You might not have thought of the two as going hand in hand, being in direct correlation.

But they are.

I work with so many incredible women in my private coaching practice.  Each of them talented, motivated, with something great to give.

We talk strategy, we talk mindset, (we also talk kids, husbands, travel, food, Netflix, and everything in between).  Because as you’ve undoubtedly heard me say before: you can’t achieve success without that killer combo of strategy and mindset.

But mindset work isn’t all viewing things through a positive lens, popping on the rose tinted glasses (though that can help of course).  

Keeping your mindset in peak condition for success means building resiliency, means mentally rehearsing for success, means shoring up belief.

Belief in the possibility that you can achieve your vision of success.


Self-belief is CRITICAL to your success.  To manifesting the life of your dreams.

Not JUST belief in your ABILITY to achieve the things you want to achieve.

But belief in your DESERVEDNESS in achieving those things.

Because you know what?  If you don’t believe you deserve to lead your dream life… you never will.

It really is as straightforward as that.

So if you want…

… a booming business…
… consistent income months…
… work that lights you up…
… the lifestyle and freedom that is important to you…

You HAVE to work on loving yourself.

On your feelings of worthiness and deservedness.

That’s the REAL work to be done.

The strategy, the tactics, they’re all secondary.

Work on YOURSELF first and it will pay dividends.

So let’s dive in and look at some of the ways that loving yourself will pan out well for your biz…

3 Ways That Loving Yourself Is Good For Business

1. Success Mindset

To be in with any chance of achieving success you first need to define what success means to you.  Like, REALLY define it.  Not some vague idea.  Not someone else’s idea of success.

What does success mean to YOU?

Once you’ve defined that, you need to feel WORTHY of receiving it.  Otherwise, you will find that you stay stuck in a limbo of not prioritising yourself, not prioritising your dreams and therefore self-sabotaging your chances of attaining that vision.

If you work on loving yourself, you will feel more deserving of that vision of success.

And the chances are your vision of success will expand and grow, as you achieve wins along the way and as your self-acceptance, self-validation grows.

2.  Pricing

One of the worst things you can do for your business – for yourself – is to price incorrectly.  And before you start worrying that you are charging too much… I can quite confidently say, without even having met you perhaps, that you aren’t charging too much.

How do I know?  How can I be so confident about this?

I have coached NUMEROUS women on their pricing and never… NOT ONCE have I come across someone charing too much.

In almost every single case, they are charging too little.

And the biggest hurdle in adjusting their pricing isn’t ANALYSING the appropriate pricing level for their products or services.

It is CONNECTING to the outcomes they provide, to the value they bring, which has to come from a sense of self-belief, self-love.

But why is incorrect pricing so bad for business?

Well, the obvious lost revenue opportunity aside, it can cheapen your brand.  It can reduce the perceived value associated with the work you do.

Worse still, it can attract the wrong clients.  The ones that don’t treat you with respect, or don’t take your work together seriously.  The ones who turn up late or cancel.  Who fail to provide you with what you need to get the job done.  Who quibble over your already paltry pricing. Who always need just one more thing beyond the original scope of the project.

All of these things can drain your time, your energy and your resources.  It can leave you feeling demoralised, contemplating going back into paid employment.

But when you love yourself, you can see the value that you provide.  You can feel connected to your worth.  This makes pricing infinitely easier.

When you KNOW your worth, you can CHARGE your worth.

And with that comes the beautiful flip side of all I just described:

>> the right clients
>> the ones who show up and meet you halfway
>> the ones who pay on time
>> who respect your work
>> who refer other clients to you

Doesn’t that sound better?

3. Sales 

Loving yourself will improve your sales.  Fact.

Possibly not a sales tactic you’ve considered before, right?

Let me explain.

In the same way that you need to be connected to your sense of self-worth (which comes from self-love) to price confidently, so too do you need to be connected to this to sell effectively.

When clients come to me for Sales Confidence Coaching, they are often surprised that we don’t start with any kind of salesy strategies or tactics.  We don’t start with practising sales calls or writing compelling sales copy.  

We start with THEM.

If you turn up to a sales conversation with a prospective client and you have let that imposter syndrome creep in, you’re wondering yourself why anyone would buy from you…

Then should you be surprised when that sales conversation doesn’t go your way?

Regardless of what you say, your confidence, your self-belief will come across in your energy.  Whether that be in a conversation or in a written sales post.

If you LOVE yourself and BELIEVE in the value of the work you are doing (which also very much involves working on your Money Mindset btw), then you will no longer be afraid of selling (as so many are, right?).

You won’t be putting off writing that sales page, following up with that warm lead.

Instead, you’ll be excited, effervescent even with enthusiasm for what you do and how you can help people that you’ll be wanting to shout it from the rooftops.

You’ll be wondering why you ever felt weird about selling.  Because it doesn’t even feel like selling anymore.

And, unsurprisingly, the sales will come rolling in when you aren’t standing in your own way anymore.

So there we have it, just 3 (of the many!) ways that working on loving YOURSELF will be good, not just for you, but for your business.

I hope I have inspired you to start thinking about ways that you can work on loving yourself to start making business easier, more fun.

Hell, life, in general, will be more fun if you can reduce that negative mental self-talk, right?

But don’t misunderstand me.  This isn’t a once and done thing.  In the same way that you have to keep working at a relationship such as a marriage, you have to keep working on your relationship with yourself.

Keep showing yourself love.

Remember: love yourself and life will love you back.

Do you feel like you could do with some mindset support to get your business booming? Someone helping you to cultivate that success mindset, to help you reconnect with your sense of worth so you can start selling with ease?

Book your FREE Discovery Call with me and we can chat about what is keeping you stuck and how I might be able to help you stop spinning those wheels and start striding towards your vision of success.

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