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Are you ready to talk about what it REALLY takes to get what you want in your business as a mother?

(You know, YOUR version of success without sacrificing family time?)

Have the past 18 months of pandemic rollercoaster left you in a bit of an energy slump and disconnected from your dreams your business was supposed to help you bring to life?

Have you been feeling like you’ve lost your biz mojo or been feeling a little bit “meh” about your business and goals lately?  Or maybe you’ve even kind of forgotten what your goals even are?

Are you done with feeling stuck and like that next level of business will forever be out of reach?

Do you find yourself struggling to make time and space for your goals, dreams and desires and that life and mothering always seem to get in the way?  Something else always seems to come up? Maybe you don’t even have the time to focus on business and you’re questioning if it’s even worth it?

Do you tell yourself the story that maybe it would be easier to just wait until the kids are older, or the pandemic finally buggers off etc and THEN maybe you’ll finally have time to make things happen?

Mama, I get it.

Us Mamas and biz owners have been through the wringer over the past year or so, right?

What with things out there constantly changing, I too felt the same discontent, just focusing on keeping the wheels turning in business while doing stints as a reluctant homeschool teacher.

And as my freedom shrank (cheers, lockdown!) so too did my dreams.

Unwittingly I had been disconnecting from my dreams and desires and letting go of stretch goals that I once felt SO connected to my business helping me create.

And the result:

I felt a bit “meh”.

Usually so fired up by life and biz –

Pre-pandemic being a manifesting MAVEN, uplevelling like it was going out of fashion – 

Instead I found myself coasting 

And with it feeling dissatisfied but not fully understanding why.

But it’s not like me to sit in a feeling of discontent for long, so I did some reflecting and realised that I had stopped DESIRING MORE

And without that crucial key, I had lost my mojo and knew I simply wasn’t going to get the results I want most in my business without it.

So what did I do?

I reconnected to my desires, 

Ended up making some HUGE life changing plans, 

And then?

BOOM!  I was BACK, baby! 

Back feeling fired up and fuelled by elevated energy
Back manifesting like a mofo
Back loving my business and the work I was doing and feeling a new level of commitment to that work

The result?

Life and business feel oh-so-good again. PHEW!

And I’m uplevelling, manifesting and creating abundance like nobody’s business

(You know, like making £50k in sales in less than 4 weeks while working 2 days a week in August #humblebrag)

I want this for you too.

Join Me For 3 Free Days of Training

And let me teach you the key to getting what you want in business as a mother (no sacrifice or hustle around here!), the method I used to unlock my mojo, reignite my spark and manifest my desires… so that you can too!

Here’s the thing, I am DONE with seeing women struggling unnecessarily to get results. And I am DOUBLE DONE with people trying to sell you a cookie-cutter strategy as the way to get to the next level in business.

Let’s be real: that does not work.

What you need is to tune into YOUR energy and tap into YOUR intuition to find YOUR way to YOUR version of success… all on YOUR terms, right?

That’s exactly what we’re doing in this live training series.

I have put this together for FREE because I don’t want to see another mother stuck in an energetic slump and at risk of giving up on her dreams and her business.

I don’t want to speak to another mother who is sadly unable to answer the question of “what do YOU want though… like, just for YOU?” or the question of “How is your business going to give you that?”

I don’t want to see another mother held back from living her best life because somewhere along the way she started to believe that more was not permitted, not possible or that having more would require a sacrifice.

I want you to know that YOU matter.  Your desires matter.  Your dreams matter.

And your desires, your dreams can become reality without coming at a cost.

If you’re ready to tap back into that energy that has you all like “f*ck yeah! I’m making magic happen, just watch me!” then what are you waiting for my love? Sign up 🙂

Tuesday 21st September

Wednesday 22nd September

Thursday 23rd September

Times will be confirmed via email when you sign up.

Can’t make it live?  No worries my love!  I’ll send you the replays.

3 Day FREE Training Series

DAY ONE: The Key to Unlocking The Next Level

The thing that you’re currently missing and how it will help you to reignite your energy, fall back in love with your business and unlock that next level of abundance and joy.

DAY TWO: Remove the Blocks

Together we will identify what’s currently standing between you and what you desire most so you can break down those blocks and clear the path between you and your business that can help you create that dream lifestyle.

DAY THREE: Unlocking & Allowing Your Desires

Ooh the juiciest!  We get real about feeling safe to desire more and I teach you how to not only reconnect to your innermost soul desires but also how to stay connected and leverage your desire-based energy for FAST and EPIC results.

Meet Your Host

Cori Javid

Cori Javid is a Money Mindset expert for mothers and Success Coach to women with kids and businesses all over the world, supporting women in becoming financially empowered and feeling limitless.

Having walked out on a 10+ year stint at an investment bank, Cori replaced her salary within 3 months of launching her business and went on to scale her business to multiple 6-figures and beyond, all while working 25 hours a week or less (way less recently!).  She believes that you get to be successful because you are a mother, not in spite of it.  

Cori has torn up the business rulebook and created a new paradigm for us: one in which we create results using energy instead of effort

And so she’s on a mission to help you ditch the old way of creating success (you know the one, where you work hard, hustle and sacrifice, eww) and instead teach you how to increase your impact and income without increasing your hours and manifest your dreams.

Are you ready to desire more
and have more, Mama?