3 Summer Money Mindset Shifts Every Mother Needs

Learn how to take time off this summer AND make more money

Free Training

3 Summer Money Mindset Shifts Every Mother Needs

Learn how to take time off this summer AND make more money

Free Training

Are you ready to talk about what it REALLY takes to have a summer of fun, freedom and abundance as a mother?

(Even when society tells you that you can’t have both?)

Are you fed up with feeling like the summer is one big juggling act and while you’ll love to be relaxing and having fun, you find yourself just bracing yourself for when you drop the ball

Do you feel like your business loses momentum every time the kids are out of school with sales and leads drying up (not to mention your bank balance)?

Are you done with trying to squeeze your biz into the gaps – getting up early to work, or yawning while answering emails into the night?

Do you find yourself swinging between Mama Guilt when you work during the summer and Biz Guilt when you’re trying to take down time with the kids?

Do you tell yourself the story  that you won’t have time to grow over the summer so might as well put off building that dream?

Cori on beach

Mama, I get it.

I used to feel like the summer holidays were a logistical nightmare and – if I’m being brutally honest – I didn’t really look forward to it.  I felt like my mind was always on work when I was supposed to be having fun with my daughter.  And then when I was working I was wishing I’d made more of our time off together.

But then one summer my childcare plans changed abruptly and I was forced to do something different.

What followed was the BEST summer my daughter and I had ever had…

And get this:

My business celebrated it’s biggest cash month that August.

In short: I found the holy grail for us Mothers -

The freedom to enjoy fun-filled downtime with my daughter AND continued business momentum and abundance.

And I realized the summer can actually be the most magical time if we do a few things to make it that way 🙂

Join Me For 3 Days of Training

And let me teach you the 3 mindset shifts that unlocked this holy grail and made freedom, fun, and abundance my new norm for the school holidays, so that you can too!

Here’s the thing, there are plenty of people out there telling you the answer to having the kind of summer you REALLY want comes in the form of a planner or batch creating content or some new way that you can *finally* get organised.

(sure! already overwhelmed but let’s pile it all on right?!)

I call B.S. on that.

Cori and daughter on the beach

If having a fancy new planner was the answer, you wouldn’t be reading this page, am I right?!

I’m not interested in making you feel like you need to DO more or BE different (like more organised, more efficient or more productive) to enjoy freedom, fun and abundance this summer.

I’m here to shine a light on the root cause of WHY the summer can be such a challenge for us Mamas and teach you HOW to make the 3 shifts necessary to unlock this holy grail for yourself

So that we can finally ban that toxic badge of honour: #thejuggleisreal

I for one, am done with juggling.  You too?

3 Day FREE Training Series

Cori pouring a glass of wine

DAY ONE: More Money

The shift that ends the compromise between taking time off and earning more, NOW.
Cori lying on sofa

DAY TWO: More Balance

The shift that welcomes more ease into your summer (and with it, more money!)

Cori and daughter running on the beach

DAY THREE: More Fun & Freedom

The shift that enables you to let go of the juggle and have a blast with the fam while simultaneously boosting your bank balance


I have some journal prompts for you...

I have designed these teachings to build on one another.

So for maximum impact (we’re talking more balance and a boosted bank balance to boot!) watch them in order and complete the accompanying journaling exercises

Meet Your Host

Cori Javid

Cori Javid is a Money Mindset expert for mothers and Success Coach to women with kids and businesses all over the world, supporting women in becoming financially empowered and feeling limitless.

Having walked out on a 10+ year stint at an investment bank, Cori replaced her salary within 3 months of launching her business and went on to scale her business to multiple 6-figures and beyond, all while working 25 hours a week or less (way less recently!).  She believes that you get to be successful because you are a mother, not in spite of it.  

Cori has torn up the business rulebook and created a new paradigm for us: one in which we create results using energy instead of effort

And so she’s on a mission to help you ditch the old way of creating success (you know the one, where you work hard, hustle and sacrifice, eww) and instead teach you how to increase your impact and income without increasing your hours and manifest your dreams.

Are you ready to enjoy a summer of fun, freedom and massive abundance?