What are my templates?

A Limitless Mother Template is quite simply a way of doing something and doing it well. They are the tools, resources and methods that my private coaching clients and I use in our own businesses. Meaning that they are replicable, tried and true methods for getting the job done: applying the strategy, shifting the mindset and getting those big results. We’re busy mothers and business owners, right? We don’t have time to mess about searching for answers. So these templates are designed to remove ALL the guesswork, not to mention the ACTUAL work of putting it together, to get you to your goal, fast.

Why you need my templates in your life:

Here’s what I believe…

I believe that as mothers and business owners TIME is our greatest commodity, not money. Money is renewable. Time is not. If you want the luxury of quality time to spend with your family, to spend on yourself, you need to ensure that your business doesn’t become a time drain. You need to be laser focused and leverage the F out of your time if you want your businesses to keep growing to make money an actual renewable resource, if you want to continue to do work that lights you up and makes an impact and ultimately; if you want to avoid burnout, sacrifice and overwhelm.

In a nutshell, you need something that will save you time AND make you more money.


What you DON’T need

That’s why I know that you don’t need another course. That’s why I know you don’t need a YouTube rabbit hole of content, each video promising you the solution but just leading you further away from the answer. The last thing you need is anything that is going to distract you and induce that shiny object syndrome or leave you with a feeling of information overload.

Researching, consuming endless content, trial and error, tweaking and refining… that stuff is too slow, too hard and too costly. Because, like I said, time is your real commodity.


What you DO need

You need clear, concise information, telling you exactly what you need to know and ONLY what you need to know to achieve your objective or get the job done. You need smart systems and processes that strip away the busy work and free you up to get back to your zone of genius. You need proven methods that are replicable. Steps you can follow now, today, which work.


You need templates

Rather than reinvent the wheel, struggle on alone wondering how other business owners are doing x, y or z… I am going to give you templates which tell you PRECISELY how to achieve x, y or z.

The exact ways that I and my clients – real women, with real businesses and real families – do these things. The very same templates that we use, on repeat to get the job done, attract and convert clients and make money.


Here’s where the dash of woo comes in

Here’s the thing. I know that just taking action isn’t the complete answer. You need the right mindset, the right energy. When you have that in place, the actions that the templates outline can be taken from a place of ease and flow. Now doesn’t that sound more fun than hustle?

That’s why each template comes infused with a little woo to help it on its way. I’m giving you one technique matched to each template – I call it practical woo – which will help you get in that zone and approach the task with precisely the right energy to make it feel fun and flowy.

Let me give you an example. If I give you a template that helps you nail your pricing, that’s amazing, I’ve taken out the guesswork and saved you time. But if I also give you one practical woo tip about how you can get your energy behind those new prices (that means, feeling super confident in those prices and rooted in the value you provide) then guess what? That’s the difference between having new prices and getting paid new prices. See how that works?

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Hey, lovely.
I’m Cori!

I’m a mother, Success Coach & Business Mentor. If I’ve learned one thing in business it’s that you can shortcut your way to success. I replaced my corporate salary within 3 months of launching while working 25 hours a week, doubled it within 7 and have continued to grow my income - not my hours - ever since.

These Limitless Mother Templates are my way of helping you shortcut YOUR way to success.