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This is the process I walk my private coaching clients through to teach them how to manifest their own success.

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STEP ONE: Get rid of the junk

If you want to learn how to manifest your dream life, you have to first let go of all those old money mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that have been weighing you down.  I call this Clearing The Path and I teach exactly how it's done here. Sweeping it free from those obstacles so you can stop accidentally manifesting things you don't want and start skipping down the path to success towards the things that you do want.


STEP TWO: Get clear on what you want

There’s no way you will ever feel successful if you don’t take a good look at what success really means to you, personally. What your dream life would actually look like (not someone else’s dream life)? You can only set about creating your dream life if you have first taken time to design it.

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STEP THREE: Work on you

The thing that is going to support you in manifesting that dream life you just designed is your self-belief and sense of self-worth.  So this step is all about getting sold on yourself so you can manifest with ease.  I show you how to do that here.


STEP FOUR: Create your new money story

Now that you have cleared out those old money stories, it is time to replace them with new, more supportive beliefs that will support you in manifesting your new financial reality.  It’s time to reset your money mindset.


STEP FIVE: Harness your power

Sounds a little dramatic perhaps, but the next step is learning the exact process for attracting what you want into your life (learning to manifest with intention).  I think the key here is learning to do this as a mother, using the fact you are a mother even to assist you. That’s a big part of what I’m teaching over here.


STEP SIX: Create your legacy

A big motivator for all of us is our kids, right?  So this process doesn’t stop with just learning how to create your vision of success.  You also need to start integrating these principles into your every day life and start living that vision in part right now. And true success, I believe, comes from making an impact. This is where you can learn how to pass on an abundance mindset (rather than the scarcity/lack mindset so many of us inherited) to your children.  A lasting impact like that? That to me, is the ultimate definition of success.

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