Podcast Like a Pro: Episode Outline Templates


So you want to start podcasting like a pro, but aren’t sure where to start?  The no. 1 thing that will keep listeners tuning in week after week is your content.  No need to stress over what goes in to creating killer podcast content, Mama; I’ve got you.  Grab my Podcast Episode Outline Templates (including a template for solo episodes and one for interviews), and you’ve got everything you need to start creating podcast content that leaves your listeners wanting more.  

This is two templates rolled into one!  Here's what you get:

A solo episode outline template which walks you through the things you need and the order in which you need them to create great solo content
An interview episode outline template which lays out the best structure for a great guest interview
Both come in fillable PDF and Google Doc versions so you can just read the instructions, fill in the blanks and POOF one killer show outline is complete. Use again and again for every episode
PLUS: A Limitless Mother Template wouldn’t be a template without my signature Dash of Woo!

I declared to the Universe my commitment to launch my podcast, Rita Made Me Do It - and the Universe delivered, sending me a huge interview as my first guest that had to happen THE NEXT DAY! Having had no time to collect my thoughts, or research great interview techniques, I secured Cori’s bundle and it was a life saver! I went into the interview so clear and calm thanks to Cori’s format. The interview was a HIT and the guest texted me the next day to say that I was a great interviewer, how grateful he was to get a chance to speak on things he’s never asked about and how truly excited he was to become a listener himself!