Productive As A Mother: Daily Planner Template


You want to make more money in your business, but you don’t want to sacrifice precious family time, right? I get it!  I have built my business to five figure months and beyond, only ever working 25 hours a week or less. I do that by having a a laser-focused approach to planning my days so that I am always making progress towards my goals, even when I’m short on time. What’s even better is that this template is designed based on science that actually helps you to finish each working day feeling satisfied with your progress towards your goals.

Here’s what you get in this template:

A simple yet crazy effective method my clients and I use to plan our days so that every day counts, so that we let go of overwhelm and “busy” and get some real sh*t done and end our days feeling satisfied with our progress and able to relax
My 5 top tips to help you get the most out of this planning tool
PLUS: A Limitless Mother Template wouldn’t be a template without my signature Dash of Woo!

This planner template is seriously life-changing. I was struggling to maintain focus, particularly under stress. My to-do list was out of control, but this helped me get in control and get my productivity on track. I've done more in two days than I did in 2 weeks, and I have worked fewer hours!