Make More Money in Less Time: The Money Making Mother Template Bundle


You want to make more money in your business, but you don’t want to sacrifice precious family time, right? I get it!

I have built my business to five figure months and beyond, only ever working 25 hours a week or less. I do that by:

  • having a very clear vision of what I want to achieve (those will be the money goals and the terms on which I want to achieve them)
  • a dialled in mindset that supports me in believing I can have it all (money AND time with my family), rather than hindering me
  • and a laser-focused approach to planning my days so that I am always making progress towards my goals, even when I’m short on time

In this template bundle, I'm giving away the exact ways that I make more money without spending more time for you to apply to your life and business

Here’s what you get:

Make Money Like a Mother: Financial Goal Setting Template

A plug + play spreadsheet that allows you to create – and achieve! – your money goals without increasing your hours

Manifest Like A Mother: Guided Manifestation Meditation Template

The exact template I use to upgrade my money mindset when I want to move to the next income level

EXCLUSIVE: Productive As A Mother: Daily Planner Template

This template is not for sale elsewhere in the shop! This is the simple yet crazy effective method my clients and I use to plan our days so that every day counts, so that we let go of overwhelm and “busy” and get some real sh*t done and end our days feeling satisfied with our progress and able to relax.

This planner template is seriously life-changing. I was struggling to maintain focus, particularly under stress. My to-do list was out of control, but this helped me get in control and get my productivity on track. I've done more in two days than I did in 2 weeks, and I have worked fewer hours!