List Build Like a Mother: Lead Magnet Landing Page Template


Want to start seriously building that email list?  You need to give your ideal clients a great reason to give you their email address.  Follow my tried and true lead magnet landing page to attract the RIGHT tribe to your list so you can start building those relationships and converting with ease.

Here’s what you get in this template:

Pre-work exercises that prime you to write in a way that resonates with your ideal client

An example landing page which illustrates how to lay out your landing page for optimal conversions (i.e. it shows you what needs to go where!)
A Google Doc template that walks you through taking that pre-work and write landing page copy that converts. Simply fill in the blanks!
A handy checklist of 8 things that you can do to create a lead magnet landing page that really converts
PLUS: A Limitless Mother Template wouldn’t be a template without my signature Dash of Woo!

I have to say the landing page [template] was very clear and it really does help you know what to say - saves so much time!


Super focused, easily actionable and with AMAZING first time results! With Cori’s template my lead magnet landing page is converting at 74% in just 24 hours.  EVERYONE NEEDS THIS!