The Feel Better Bundle: Detox the Overwhelm, Re-energise and Find Balance in Your Biz


Just like a luxury spa treatment for your brain, this bundle contains everything you need to finally detox that overwhelm, re-invigorate your energy and restore the balance in your biz so that you can get on with running your biz and raising your kids in harmony (even if that feels like the furthest thing from what’s happening right now).

Want to know the secret techniques that my clients and I use to feel calm, content and keep calling in the cash when life throws us curve-balls?

(You know, like living in lockdown and suddenly being responsible for homeschooling.) I’m sharing it ALL in this Feel Better Bundle

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, panicked, uncertain, stuck, unmotivated or just a bit “meh”… this is the bundle you need.

If you’re worried that your business will get left behind during this, you’re concerned that you can either be a good business owner OR a great mother but don’t feel like you can do both… this is the bundle you need.

If you’ve started to resentfully just accept that overwhelm is your new norm, “me time” is a thing of the past and business and making money is just going to feel hard right now… this is the bundle you need.

If the place is a mess, the kids are fighting over the ipad, you’re 2 days behind on the homeschooling schedule, you have to queue now to get into the supermarket, you have a ton of unanswered emails, you haven’t put any content out this week and your To Do list Just. Keeps. Getting. Longer… this is the bundle you need.

If you just want to make it through your days without getting a divorce, killing the kids or resorting to day drinking… this is the bundle you need.

I just went through the workbook and I LOVED IT! I feel so much better about how to structure my day and what to focus on. Also loving the guided meditations. Thank you!


Trust me when I say: I get it, Mama.

I am in this too.  Mothering, running my business, homeschooling my daughter, cooking, cleaning and queueing to get into the supermarket are all part of my lockdown life reality too right now.

That’s why I am the perfect person to teach you this.

Because I know how to embrace this new norm and still get results in my business.

I know how to shift out of overwhelm FAST, take charge of my energy and show up for BOTH my family AND my business (and find some “me time”) without burning out.

And I want to teach you how.

Get ready to cleanse away those draining, stagnant energies and re-balance so that you emerge feeling high vibe and start gliding through life and creating results in your biz like you just emerged from a blissful day at your favourite spa.

Here’s what you get in this bundle:

My Detox the Overwhelm & Restore Biz Balance Template

(PDF workbook + audio training)

In this perfect blend of mindset work and practical action I’ll take you through my process to:

  • Shine a light on why you’ve been feeling overwhelmed (we’re talking the reasons under the reasons here)
  • Gain the clarity to you need to cut through that overwhelm by creating laser-focused priorities
  • Use your new-found focus to pare down your To Do list
  • Map out a structure and schedule for your week which is realistic and which helps you to make time for the things that are important to you and keeps that business momentum going so that you can keep creating those results

High Vibe Energy Glow Morning Affirmation Audio

Start the day RIGHT, Mama with this daily energy boost. This is THE magic pill for feeling more alignment and more energy all day long. It’s way better than that morning cup of coffee (or tea!) you try to squeeze in before the kids wake up and it’ll make ALL the difference

Stop The Scroll & Soothe Your Soul On Demand Audio

Whether your go-to is an Insta-scroll, hanging out in FB, adding endless items to your online cart or staying up too late watching just one more Netflix ep, this is the antidote you need. If there’s one thing I know about overwhelm it’s that it is actually amplified when we use these types of activities to distract ourselves from how we’re feeling. Sometimes we feel like it’s going to be a treat but we just end up feeling worse, succumbing to comparisonitis, beating ourselves up for wasting time and depleting our energy further. It’s time to create a new healthy habit that soothes your mind and soul.

Unblock, Release & Reprogram Evening Guided Meditation Audio

Pop those headphones in and relax as you release what isn’t serving you and rewire your mind with supportive, core empowering beliefs. Listening to this every evening is the BIGGEST favour you can do yourself, Mama if you want to wake each morning in the right head space to go ahead and create a day that feels good and the results you desire.

Wow! I absolutely LOVED both morning and evening meditations - you have such a calming voice!! I have to say you sound very different and you are well suited to meditation voice as well as a podcast! Love it. it makes me feel really loved - so beautiful