Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Seventy Seven

EP177: How to Receive More and Work Less

I legit laughed out loud when I saw the title of the episode I had planned for today. Talk about divine timing! You see, I’m over here celebrating my highest sales in 30 days, which occurred whilst I was talking time off with my daughter and here I am now bringing you an episode on receiving more and working less.

I wish I could say I had strategically planned these two things to coincide. But let’s be real: I didn’t!

So you KNOW I’m all about energy over effort and you have likely heard me banging on about how we really don’t need to work more in order to receive more.

But you wouldn’t be on your own if you’re asking “How though Cori?!”.

Let me answer that for you today my love. Because this isn’t about me – I’m just a useful case study – I want to help YOU work less and receive more. Seriously, that’s why I’m here.



  • Cori shares her highest sales in 30 days win and talks about why she feels strongly about sharing this as evidence of what is possible for you
  • She checks in with you to see which of the old paradigm camps you might be falling into right now and how that might be manifesting in your experience in business
  • Cori shares the 5 steps to receiving more and working less that are applicable to any business owner at any stage of business so that you can start implementing these today
  • She gets real about what can feel hard when you start committing to the belief that you get to receive more and work less
  • Cori tells you about the “receive more and work less tipping point” that one of her mastermind clients just experienced and how it’s a beautiful point of no return that makes committing to this new paradigm so worthwhile

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