Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Fifty Five

EP155: The Birthday Episodes: Wiser

I’m definitely older… but am I wiser? We’re going to talk about that on today’s show. One thing is for sure though: I have learned some lessons along the way in these three years in business.

But instead of sharing with you ALL of my learnings, I took some time and reflected on ONE core thing that I could distill all of these lessons down to. Whether I learned something through achievement and success or via the mistakes and failures I’ve experienced, I noticed that ultimately it all boils down to one thing. Seriously, one thing. Essentially the SAME lesson I’ve learned and re-learned and learned again in an even deeper way.

I’ll give you a hint: it’s actually NOT mindset work this time. Intrigued? Want to know what that ONE thing is? Of course you do! Let’s get to it then.



  • Cori runs through some of the lessons – the good, the bad and the ugly – that she’s learned along the way in her 3 years in biz
  • She shares with you the one CORE lesson that each of her successes and failures can be distilled down to. One fundamental thing that is key to her success (and no, it’s not really mindset work this time!)
  • Cori shares with you why this ONE thing is so critical and how it shows up in your life and business
  • She invites you to address this one thing yourself… not just for your business, but for yourself and even for your family

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