Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Fourty Five

EP145: How Not to Lose Your Sh*t When Things Go Wrong

So if you listened to the last episode you know that something went really very wrong in my business, right? But I didn’t lose my shit. My reaction? “Oh well!”.

And that situation was a biggy, right? At least it was a biggy if you’ve been buying into the idea that a particular plan or strategy is THE way you’re going to get to your goals. As my coach put it, “I’m amazed you’re so fine. I don’t know many women who wouldn’t be shitting the bed right now. This news is like the fifth thing you’ve told me on today’s call, you didn’t even lead with it”.

And so maybe this has got you thinking: how IS she so fine about her strategy going up in smoke? Maybe you’ve been thinking about something that went wrong, failed or just didn’t go to plan in your business lately and how you’ve been beating yourself up or worrying about it. Or maybe the fear of something going wrong is causing you to hang back, hold off from making that decision, taking that leap and keeping you in a holding pattern.

On today’s show I’m giving you the formula you need to be ok when things go wrong (spoiler alert: they will) and how to be ok even at the prospect of things not working out. Getting this nailed is a game-changer my love.

So everyone keep calm and let’s go to the show.



  • Cori talks about why she didn’t actually need to do any mindset work when her #1 growth strategy went up in smoke recently and how you can circumstance-proof and strategy-proof your biz (and brain!) too
  • She outlines the different aspects of the inner work required to not lose your sh*t when things go wrong
  • Cori describes how losing your sh*t when things go wrong is a lose-lose situation, how it can slow your business growth down (in addition to making you feel like crap!)
  • She shares the two aspects of support she has which have been game-changers in helping her to keep calm and surrender in the face of catastrophe
  • Cori shares a Dash of Woo designed to reconnect you with your inner calm, even when things go awry.

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Episode 145

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