Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Ninety Six

#096: The #1 Thing Keeping You From Being Wealthy

Are you wealthy yet?  Do you desire to be wealthy?  Are you firmly on the path to wealth? Or has my use of the word “wealth” three times in short succession got you squirming in your seat?

Here’s the thing: I want you to be wealthy.  Because why not:?! More money equals more fun, more opportunity, more impact… all kinds of good, life enriching stuff.  But the unfortunate truth is that I see this ONE thing crop up time and time again and keep women from being wealthy, from earning the kind of money their soul truly desires to earn… so I’m going to share this one thing with you on todays show.  Because I don’t want this to stand in your way. I want you to feel well and truly on your way to wealth.  

If the w word is making you uncomfortable, my love this episode has your name on it.  Or if the word excites you but feels kind of out of reach… this is for you too.

Let’s get wealthy!  (And yes, I will keep using that word, but I promise it will be worth the temporary discomfort). 

Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori says tosh (yes, very British!) to all the BS stories we tell ourselves about money and being wealthy
  • She shares the things that are NOT keeping you from being wealthy
  • Cori reveals that #1 thing and the 4 common reasons WHY
  • She talks about the word wealthy and what this triggers for you and provides some practical advice for what you can do to change this in a relaxed, fun and feminine way
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo this episode is a wealth meditation exercise

Show Notes

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