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EP225: 2 Clients, 2 Different Industries, Both Charging £8k and Getting PAID

Today we have the tale of two clients. Both mums.  Both business owners. Both charging £8k. 

Both attracting soul-aligned, ideal clients and work they adore.

Both getting PAID those 8k price tags.

Wanna know how they did it?

Then come and listen in while I break down the behind the scenes for this double client case study and share all the juicy details.

If you’d love to be charging more and actually getting paid those new prices, this one is a must-listen.

  • Cori shares why women in particular hold themselves back from increasing their prices.
  • She encourages you to tune into how you physically feel in your body about pricing and particularly charging more.
  • Cori reveals the 6 steps her 2 clients followed to increase their prices to £8k and the bonus outcome for doing this work.

Show Notes

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Episode 129: The Scale of Energy


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