Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Seventy Eight

#078: The Truth About £20k Months & Profit Margins

What does it ACTUALLY mean when I say I made £20k in a month?  Was that gross revenue? Cash received? Sales to the value of… And how much of that was profit?  How much did I take home? These are some of the very questions I’m answering on today’s show.

I like to be an open book, so if you ask, I’ll answer!  I’m going to be giving you a look at the truth about £20k months and profit margins as they relate to my business, but really I want to get you thinking about your money results… your profit margins… your expenses… your investments.  And the next time you see or hear someone talking about her money results I want to equip you with three great questions to ask which will ensure that you get clear on the context around that money result and can translate that into potential lessons learned for your business.

I’m excited to talk about this aspect of money that we haven’t yet really focused on before.  I know you’re going to love this episode so let’s do it! Let’s go to the show.



  • Cori reveals that this episode is inspired by a question received by a listener.
  • She gets super transparent about her own money and what she actually means by a £20k month.
  • Cori gets clear on profit margins…are you being intentional about what you pay yourself?
  • She talks about mindset (of course) and what role this has to play in all this.
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo tackles your abundance mindset!

Show Notes

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