Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Twenty Eight

EP128: Client Case Study: Using Feminine Energy to Achieve with Ease with Tonja Mills

We’ve been talking about Feminine Energy all month on the show.  But I never want you to think this is just something I’ve nailed because I’m some kind of magical unicorn.  I’m not.  At least I’m no more magical or unicornish than you.  Leaning into your feminine energy and using this approach in your business for more ease and flow, better results and more achievements with less effort is absolutely possible for you too.

So on today’s show I’m talking to one of my private coaching clients, Tonja.  Tonja has really fully embraced this feminine energy in her business and to great effect.  She shares her story and I just know it’s going to resonate with so many of you.  In particular how she felt like she lost some sense of herself in the midst of motherhood but how she reconnected with that inner part of herself, owned her unique gifts and through that discovered her true purpose and is now experiencing such an incredible sense of fulfilment daily through her work.  Now, Tonja is the embodiment of letting business be easy and you know that’s my jam so that’s why I’m excited to bring you another example of someone achieving using energy over effort.  Yes!

And if you love the woo like I do, you’re going to adore Tonja.  She’s way more woo than me and is even in touch with her own spirit guides.  I know that just hearing that you’ll either be like “her what?!” or like, “cool!”  Either way, you’re going to love this episode!

Let’s get into the woo and the feminine energy shall we?  Let’s go to the show



  • Tonja shares her incredible story and tells us about how she felt like she lost some sense of herself in the midst of motherhood and how she reconnected with her soul to discover her true purpose and now helps others to do the same
  • Cori asks Tonja to share her story of shunning and hiding her unique gifts and how she has used her feminine energy to step into and own her gifts and her worth now and the impact this has had on her business and her sense of fulfilment
  • Cori and Tonja discuss what feminine energy means to them and how they are using it to create more ease and flow in business
  • Tonja shares her transformational but easy to implement tips for maintaining soul alignment with daily habits and practices

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