Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Fourty Four

EP144: What Happened When My #1 Strategy Got Shut Down

OMG. My #1 strategy got shut down. Not temporarily. Like monumentally shut down. All entirely outside of my control. A really excellent strategy that I was SO excited to hit play on… gone! In a puff of smoke.

On today’s show I am bringing you behind the scenes. I’m going to tell you what happened when my #1 strategy to scale this business that the team and I have been working so carefully on for months went up in smoke.

I’m giving you ALL the gory details. A blow by blow account of what happened, my mindset throughout, the thing that really triggered me, plus what I’m going to do now.

Buckle up my love, with this behind the scenes, we’re in for a bumpy ride!



  • Cori dishes ALL the dirt on how her #1 strategy that she was so excited to use to scale got SHUT all the way DOWN
  • She shares insight to her mindset throughout the process as things unfolded
  • Cori gives you an honest insight into the thing that really triggered her about the whole affair
  • She shares the surprising thing that happened in the same month her strategy went up in smoke
  • Cori has a great Dash of Woo lined up for you so that you can learn from the sh*t show that she just navigated and strategy-proof your biz

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Episode 144

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