Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Nine

EP109: Protecting Your Passion And Living Life On Your Terms with Sarah Waldbuesser

We have a guest on the show, whoop whoop! Today I’m talking to my pal Sarah Waldbeusser. Here’s why I’m excited. Sure she is a legal genius and is going to share some absolute gold with us all to make sure we’re protecting our passion but ALSO because Sarah is another example of a mother and a business owner, making 6 figures, working part time and loving it.

I don’t want you to ever think for a MINUTE that I am some kind of special case here. If making 6 figures plus, doing work you love and having plenty of time for family and YOURSELF – oh yeah, and we’re definitely talking about making time for ourselves today too – if that all sounds amazing then what I really want you to know is that is 100% possible for you too.

So join me for this chat with Sarah as we talk all things business growth, motherhood, travelling with kids, being a smart and legally protected CEO, making time for yourself unapologetically and more.

Let’s do it, let’s go to the show!



  • Cori introduces Sarah who makes all the legal stuff super accessible for entrepreneurs and kicks ass at trademarking!
  • Sarah offers an insight into her journey from the world of corporate law into entrepreneurship
  • Cori and Sarah talk about creating a business that they love and that supports them…they share their non-negotiables.
  • Sarah explains what tasks she has decided to outsource and what it is like working with her husband.
  • Cori and Sarah share their experiences of travelling with children…it is different!! Sarah also discusses making time for herself unapologetically.

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