Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fourteen

#014: My Masterclass Didn’t Sell: Sales Case Study

6 Figure Launches!  7 Figure Launches! Spend any time in the online realm of internet marketing and you’ll start to believe the hype.  You might start to believe that launching a course is the silver bullet; your ticket to Money Town.

But what happens when you do launch something and it doesn’t quite go to plan? Maybe your sales figures are disappointing? Maybe your sales figures are non existent.  It’s easy to feel like a failure, or like success isn’t possible for you in those moments.  

But here’s the thing: those 6 and 7 figure launches you keep hearing about?  They aren’t the norm. More than that, they don’t happen overnight. I think it’s time to get REAL about what it takes to sell online courses, masterclasses and group programs.  Today I’m going to pull back the curtain on my own business and share with you what really happened when I sold the Your Biggest Year Yet Masterclass, warts and all.

This is going to be a good one!  

Let’s go to the show…



  • Cori shares her experience of launching her most recent Masterclass and the process she followed
  • She explains how to learn from launches… and what a lacklustre result really means (and what it doesn’t mean).
  • Cori talks about connecting with your audience…are you offering what your ideal clients REALLY want or need?
  • She rounds up her experience into three key takeaway points for you to use when thinking about launching your next masterclass, course or group program.
  • Cori provides this weeks Dash of Woo… a full body energy shift!

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