Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Eighty Three

EP183: Life After Lockdown: It’s OK If You Need To Reboot (Like I Did!)

Who else has needed or is in need of a post-lockdown reboot or reset? I know I did!

After more than a year of my schedule and home life shifting and shifting again –

Kids in school, kids being homeschooled, kids off school entirely (you know what it’s been like, you don’t need me to tell you!)

I realised that so many of the habits and practises that had previously served me so well had somewhere along the way just evaporated.

It wasn’t until I was feeling like we had too much going on in my business that I even realised.

And it was like a domino effect of realisation. Like “oh, I’ve stopped doing this… oh and this… and wait, this too”. I kind of felt like a brand new baby entrepreneur again or like I’d somehow been returned to my factory settings lol.

Here’s what I always find to be true: what is true for one is true for many. So I’m suspecting that you might need a reset too.

Let’s talk about life after lockdown today. Let’s talk about giving ourselves permission to not have just made a smooth and slick transition back into life and biz and our old habits as soon as restrictions have started to lift.

And let’s take this opportunity to reset, reboot and go forward in a way – possibly even a new way – that will serve us (and our families and businesses!) best.


Show Notes

  • Cori talks about moving out of lockdown and realising how much of her “normal” routine had disappeared
  • She reminds us it is ok not to have all our sh*t together all of the time and this transition might be messy and take time.
  • Cori shares how she is moving forward after lockdown with some of her old habits and routine but some NEW better ways too.

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