Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fifty Five

#055: Raising A Unicorn: Manifestation, Money Mindset & Motherhood

I don't know about you, but I’m over here raising a unicorn. What on earth am I talking about?

Today’s episode is all about the glorious relationship between manifestation, money mindset and motherhood. Maybe it’s not something you’ve considered in this way before. I believe that we have an incredible opportunity as mothers to pass on a truly transformational gift to the next generation.

And guess what? I’ve had an ulterior motive in my mission to empower mothers to feel financially free, to cultivate an abundance mindset and to feel limitless….

I’ll be letting you in on my ulterior motive, talking about the opportunity we have as mothers and giving you the inside scoop on how I’ve been raising my unicorn.

Have I got you intrigued?

You’re going to LOVE this one! Let’s do it.

Lets go to the show!



  • Cori reveals the super exciting opportunity we have…the ability to pass on an abundant mindset to our children!
  • She discusses the limiting belief that motherhood hinders success…Cori now uses MOTHERHOOD as a MOTIVATOR!
  • Cori shares some of the really cool things her daughter has managed to manifest already.
  • She talks through the ways she has supported and encouraged her little unicorn!
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo is all about how to pass on this legacy of abundance so that you can raise your own unicorns…share the Woo!

Show Notes

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Success Coach, Business Mentor, Mother and tea drinker.  I’m on a mission is to empower more women to see that motherhood and business are a match made in heaven and arm them with the strategy and mindset to create their vision of success on their terms and live life as a Limitless Mother.

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