Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Thirty

EP130: How To Raise Your Prices (& Actually Get Paid)

If I told you to double your prices would you balk at the suggestion?  If I suggested telling all of your customers and clients cheerfully that your prices are going up soon - and significantly - would you feel a bit squeamish?  Are you harbouring a suspicion that you’re undercharging but simultaneously afraid that if you charge more no one will buy?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes” no worries my love, I got you.

On today’s show we’re talking about the REAL way to raise your prices.  No dull formula.  No competitor analysis in sign (yawn).  And guess what?  When you set your prices THIS way, you set yourself up to go ahead and easily get paid those new prices.  Yay!

Shall we talk about how you can raise your prices (maybe even – gasp! – soon) AND actually get paid?

Let’s do it, let’s go to the show



  • Cori talks about the most fundamental thing that you need to understand if you’re going to raise your prices successfully
  • She shares the REAL way to raise your prices (her simple 5 steps)
  • Cori discusses why a new price point is like a new pair of yoga pants!
  • She explains the reasons that price increases can fall flat and what you can do to make sure you ACTUALLY get paid those new prices

Show Notes

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This is what I know you’ve been waiting for.


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