Two hundred and forty five

EP245: How to Raise Your Prices with Confidence and Actually Get PAID

If it was just as easy as putting your prices up... you'd have done it by now, right?

We all know that putting your prices up is one thing –

But feeling GOOD about that price increase and actually getting PAID those prices?

Something else entirely.

In today’s episode I am sharing with you a masterclass I gave a little while ago because this topic is close to my heart.  I am on a mission for more and more women to be highly paid.  I am on a mission to normalise charging WELL.  I am DONE with seeing women with so much to give, such incredible experiences and gifts… undercharging and struggling to create sustainability in their businesses as a result.

I am sharing this today because we NEED to talk about pricing… about whether now is the time, about what is really required to put your prices up and get paid… and about why it all matters.

I’m also sharing this because to be honest, it was absolute GOLD and so if you weren’t there live, I feel like I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t try to make sure you heard it.

So this was originally a livestream meaning that the audio quality might be different etc but the energy is there, the truth is there, the teachings are there.

Let’s get into this because I want you to be making more money… LOTS more money my love.  And your prices are absolutely a gateway to that.

Let’s dive in!


  • Grab a pen and paper, Cori is dropping some serious gold nuggets in this masterclass, absorb her energy and feel the shifts happen
  • She reveals the energetic mechanics around pricing and shares the 3 keys to pricing that magnetises ideal clients directly to you
  • She shares the secret to actually getting paid these prices and why embodying this energy is so important

Show Notes

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