Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Eighty One

#081: Radical Responsibility: This Was a Game Changer for Me

I don’t know if you know this, but I used to be VERY different.  I was jealous. I succumbed to comparisonitis. I was broke. I felt like things just weren’t fair.  And I complained a lot. Fun, right?

Well luckily for everyone around me, I am not that person now.  I changed so fundamentally in my outlook and that shift has been the thing which has enabled me to do all of the things I have done since to build this 6 figure business, create and live my dream life and spend my days empowering other women.  Hurrah!

So here’s the thing. I want that for you too.  I’m going to suggest you do something and I know it might feel kind of provoking.  Because I’m also going to suggest that if you are finding it difficult or challenging to be living your dream life, making the kind of money you want to be making and so on… it’s because you haven’t done this thing that I’ve done.  But I am sharing this with you today because if you do this… if you make this shift that I made… it will be a TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER, my love. Promise.

Let’s get on with it!  Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori reveals her commitment to empowering you by calling you out on those stories you allow yourself that don’t serve you!
  • She shares some of her past feelings and the “everything’s fine” mask and fixed smile she was so good at!
  • Cori explains what she means by radical responsibility and how EVERYTHING changed for her.
  • She lets you in on HOW she takes radical responsibility and how you can too…go be radical!
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo offers you some time to go check in with yourself.

Show Notes

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