Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Seventy Seven

#077: Is It Time To Put Your Prices Up?

Oh hey!  When was the last time you put your prices up?  Cos I’ve been wondering… do you think maybe it’s time for you to put your prices up?  I think it quite possibly IS time. Too often I see women undercharging. Too often I hear women telling me they’re afraid of putting their prices up.  Too often I see women kind of ignoring their pricing, preferring not to think about it.

I don’t want that to be you, my love. I want your pricing to be helping you get to your goals, not hindering you.  I want you to be charging the right price, a price that represents an even exchange for the value you provide, the work that you do and a price you feel great about.

So today, to help you to understand whether now is indeed the time for you to be upping those prices, I’m bringing you five signs that you should be looking out for.  Let’s see if any of these resonate with you… or maybe they’ll straight up sound the alarm.  

No more putting this off, let’s dig into your prices.  Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori invites you to think about your pricing
  • She shares 5 key signs that it is in fact time to put those prices up
  • Cori talks about separating the business decision of pricing from your money mindset
  • This week’s Dash of Woo will leave you feeling worthy of charging and receiving more!

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