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EP199: Proving Versus Deciding {How to uplevel faster}

What do you have to prove? No seriously! On today’s show I’m looking at proving versus deciding. One will help you uplevel crazy fast. While the other… well, let’s just say that’s going to be like carrying around one heavy AF backpack slowing your ass down and making success feel like a struggle.

I know which I’d prefer :)

Being, as I am and have mentioned, obsessed with helping you get what you want, I’m going to help you figure out which side of proving versus deciding you’re on so that you can be clear on whether you’re on the fast track rollerblading with confidence towards success… or whether you need to shift and relinquish your seat on the struggle bus.

And to illustrate this concept, today I’m sharing the tale of two recent discovery calls. One woman was proving, the other had decided. By sharing their stories you’ll be able to get just how sneaky this one can be so that it can never trick you again.

So if you’re all like, “I just wanna uplevel already”, then this episode is for you, my love.


  • Cori is is like a curious cat and shares how her fascination with client discovery calls led her to this podcast topic
  • She reveals the sneaky thing she’s seen masquerading as a compelling why for many women
  • Cori illustrates the different energies of proving and deciding and why one is so much better than the other

Show Notes

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