Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Forty Eight

#048: How to Release the Pressure and Make More Progress

Under pressure!  Oh man, I’m singing on my podcast again, a sure way to lose listeners lol! Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious or otherwise under pressure to achieve?  Frustrated by your progress? Worried about how you’re going to hit your goals?

As women in general and even more so as mothers and business owners we put an eff ton of pressure on ourselves.

Here’s the thing about pressure though: it really doesn’t serve you.  It strangles the very thing you’re trying to achieve, often keeping it at arms length.

If you could just find a away to release some of that pressure, you’d feel lighter, get back to actually, I dunno, maybe having some FUN and guess what?  You’ll make more progress towards your goals, make more money and enjoy the process!

Doesn’t that sound better?

Well my love, I’ve got you.  Today we’re going to look at the pressure we put on ourselves, where it comes from and  – best of all – 3 steps YOU can take to release that pressure to stop trudging towards your goals, wading through treacle and instead skip with a smile towards success.

Sound good?

Let’s do it!



  • Cori talks about the pressure we put on ourselves as women, mothers and business owners.
  • She reveals that pressure strangles YOUR progress and stops the fun…this comes from a scarcity mindset.
  • Cori provides some practical tips to relieve this pressure…be your own best friend!
  • She empowers you to make these changes…it is totally within YOU to release the pressure and make more progress
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo for this episode is a practical tip you can use to physically release that pressure.

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