Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Seventy Three

#073: Practical + Woo: How To Get Anything You Desire

So I’m assuming there’s something you want, something you desire in your business.  It could be more clients, more sales, a growing email list, a really engaged Facebook group full of ideal clients, passive income, a successful launch, your own podcast… could be anything really.

But are you telling yourself a story about getting it?  Are you believing that it has to be really hard work? Or a struggle?  Maybe you’re not sure you even believe it’s possible.

The thing that I have learned in business, hell even in life, is that if you desire something you need two things: the practical and the woo.  I have used both together time and time again to create the results I want, to manifest the things and experiences I desire. Every time I manifest something super quick?  It’s when I have that perfect blend of practical and woo.

But what does that really mean?  And how can you take this and apply it yourself to get anything you desire?  I’ll be answering that on today’s show. We’ll look at why you need the woo, why you need the practical and why one without the other never has the same results as when you put the two together.  I want to share with you what I know about getting anything you desire and what you really need to make it happen… because I want you to feel empowered to create and grow a business you love and live the life of your dreams.  That’s totally possible for you.

Ready for a double dose of practical and woo?

Let’s do it, let’s go to the show.



  • Cori starts with an important question for you…do you allow yourself to desire?
  • She talks about the fear of success…do you even realise you might be self-sabotaging?
  • Cori gets clear on the purpose of both the Practical and the Woo. Get primed for success!
  • She shares a story to illustrate how this actually works and breaks down further what strategies you could use to make this happen.
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo this episode is a journal exersise…grab a pen and take 10 minutes for yourself.

Show Notes

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