Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Thirty Seven

EP137: The Problem with Pandemic Permission

Have you been giving yourself pandemic permission my love? You wouldn’t be alone if so. You know what I’m talking about: falling into that trap of “when this is over…” thinking.

Here’s the thing: it’s easy to give ourselves pandemic permission. To feel totally validated in the idea that we need to put off being, doing or having whatever it is we truly desire. But it’s a trap. It’s a dis-empowering trap that is often a mask for a deeper issue and I want to save you from it, my love.

On today’s show I’m inviting you to check in with yourself and be honest about whether you’ve been letting pandemic permission keep you stuck.

And if you have? I got you covered. We’re going to be talking about how you can take back the pandemic power and start creating results and living your limitless life now.

Are you ready to take back the power?

Let’s do this, let’s go to the show!



  • Cori introduces the idea of “pandemic permission” and why it’s a common trap people are falling into now
  • She describes the two things that are often found underneath that pandemic permission and talks about why working on these two things are the gateway to so much abundance in your life
  • Cori invites you to think about whether you’ve been giving your power to the pandemic and staying stuck as a result
  • She gives you three key tips – plus one excellent Dash of Woo – to help you TAKE BACK THE POWER! :)

Show Notes

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Episode 137

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