Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Thirty Nine

EP139: Elevate Your Energy Series: Out of Scarcity & Lack

We are rolling into #EnergyMonth by going deep on the principles of The Scale of Energy and you are going to LOVE THIS.

Over the next 4 episodes we’ll be moving our way up The Limitless Mother Scale of Energy into more abundance, ease, flow and joy. Sound good? I mean, I thought it sounded like a most excellent plan.

In this first instalment, we are talking about Elevating Your Energy Out of Scarcity & Lack.

If you have been feeling like success will never happen for you, like there’s never enough money, that it’s wrong to desire more for yourself…

If you’ve been experiencing fear, guilt, shame, overwhelm, stress, envy or apathy…

Or if you’ve just been feeling a bit stuck, this is the episode for you, my love.

Whether any of the above resonates with you in an ongoing basis or you just notice that you dip into those feelings from time to time, today’s episode will hold the key to moving up that energy scale when you’re in that low vibe AND we’ll be discussing what you can be doing to prevent further dips.

Are you ready to elevate out of scarcity and lack?

Then let’s do it, let’s go to the show



  • Cori describes what low energy looks like when it shows up in our lives and businesses and the kinds of outcomes and experiences we create from that energy
  • She describes specific examples in addition to sharing her own experience of low level energy previously
  • Cori shares with you the ways and means to elevate your energy to the next level when you notice yourself dipping into that low energy vibe
  • She also provides you with tips for preventing low level energy and cultivating a consistently higher energy
  • Plus today’s Dash of Woo is a great foundational daily practice that will be a game changer for bringing more intention to your energy cultivation, regardless of where you currently find yourself on the scale.

Show Notes

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Episode 139

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