Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Sixty Seven

Lockdown, Self-Love, and NOT Feeling Limitless

Confession: I have NOT been feeling Limitless lately. Wtf? I know. But it’s totally ok.

Join me on today’s show and I’ll give you a raw and real update on hitting the lockdown wall, how self love isn’t always bubble baths in the afternoon for me and what I’ve been doing about not feeling Limitless.

If you’ve been feeling the lockdown blues, are overwhelmed with homeschool, biz and life or are just feeling a bit “meh” and off your Limitless You A-Game, you’re not alone and I got you boo.

This episode was not in our planned schedule, but especially with it being self love month on the show, I just had to add in an extra episode to share.



  • Cori divulges all about how she hit the lockdown wall emotionally and mentally recently and why it’s important for her to share this to normalise feeling this way
  • She talks about the importance of owning and vocalising how we’re feeling and properly processing our emotions in order to let that energy move through us
  • Cori describes the acts of self-love she has been turning to to get her through this time and how they don’t always look like lovely afternoon bubble baths and sometimes include things like a good ugly cry
  • She describes how opening up to receive support from others has been an act of self love which in turn has opened her up to receive even more love energy from unexpected places
  • Cori shares key things you can be doing if you too have hit the lockdown wall or are otherwise just feeling overwhelmed or a bit flat

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