Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Nineteen

EP119: BTS: A Week As Mother, Business Owner, Home-schooler, Cleaner & Cook

Whew what a week! Hands up who found themselves with several new job titles recently? *raises hand**

On the podcast this week I am taking you behind the scenes of my week as mother, business owner, home-schooler, cleaner and cook. That’s a lot of hats, right? I’m going to tell you what I’ve learned, what’s worked, what hasn’t and also the details on that mini meltdown I had.

You know I like to keep it real over here so we’re talking all the things. My business focus, mindset work, homeschooling, whether or not I’ve done any housework, plus my hair conundrum.

Maybe you’ll take away some tips, maybe you’ll just enjoy our chat. Either way, it’s time for me to share all… let’s do it!

Let’s go to the show.



  • Cori announces that her Shift to Profit giveaway has been extended so there’s still time to enter to win one of those incredible coaching packages!
  • She shares the highs and lows of her week in lockdown as a mother, business owner, home-schooler, cook, cleaner… basically all the things
  • Cori gets real about the meltdown she had, what provoked it and how she shifted out of it
  • She talks about the tools, strategies and tips that have been helping her to navigate business and motherhood in lockdown with her sanity in tact
  • Cori discusses important stuff like the importance of being intentional with the content we’re consuming right now… and some less important stuff, like what on earth she’s going to do about her hair ;)

Show Notes

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#038: Micro Days: My Strategy to Keep Making Money When Your Time Is Squeezed

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