Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Seventy Nine

#079: Behind the Scenes: My Pricing Strategy

So last week we were talking about pricing on the show and about the key signs to look out for that may well indicate that it’s time you put your prices up.  You might also be aware that I recently put my prices up. Well, I have had a number of you ladies asking me about my pricing strategy, my mindset around pricing and HOW I go about deciding what to charge.

I always love to be an open book so on today’s show I’m taking you behind the scenes and walking you through my pricing strategy and my mindset around my prices.  As we all know, our mindset plays the most fundamental part in all of the work we do and so I’m hoping that by lifting the lid on my business and well, on my brain, this week that I can demonstrate how my mindset has supported me in making pricing decisions so that you can reflect on the mindset you’re bringing to pricing decisions… and any money related business decision in fact!  And of course, I’ll be distilling this into some key takeaways for you so that you can go and apply what I’ve learned to your business… which is of course always my aim!

So let’s do this.  Let’s keep this conversation about pricing going.  Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori starts the show with a reminder to argue for your limitlessness rather than any limitations!
  • She shares her pricing strategy and how pricing can act as an important filter.
  • Cori reveals that the right price to charge is the one you can get your energy behind…what feels good?
  • She discusses the mindset work she has put in and how this impacts her pricing.
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo encourages you to get sold on yourself!

Show Notes

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If all of this pricing chat is making you realise that you have some work to do to feel good about money I have two things for you.

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