Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Ninety

#090: Want To Make More Sales in 2020? Do More Of This

Sales.  Selling.  Those two words are enough to give most business owners I know the heebie jeebies.  We can feel SO afraid of feeling pushy or salesy, right? Well, here’s the thing. If you’re a business owner and you want to be making more money in 2020… then you have to be making more sales.  That’s just how it works.

But you know this.  This isn’t news. If you’re feeling like you would LOVE to make more sales in 2020 but selling has been feeling hard then this episode is for you, my love.  As someone who used to feel awkward when selling and avoid it… let me tell you what a RELIEF it is to know how to sell, in a way that feels natural and totally sleaze free.  On today’s show, I’m going to tell you the straight TRUTH about selling plus give you a very simple 3 step breakdown of what you need to be doing more of in 2020 to make more sales.

Grab a pen and paper, this is a good one!



  • Cori reveals there is no mystery about selling. If you want to make more sales… you need to do more sales activities.
  • She asks you to think of sales as simply offering someone the opportunity to work with or buy from you.
  • Cori provides those 3 simple actions you can do more of to FEEL better about sales and therefore INCREASE them!
  • She talks about locking in your mindset…get sold on yourself first!
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo is all about ideal client connection and the ripple effect of just one sale.

Show Notes

It is my mission for 2020 to help you make more money!

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