Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Eighty

EP180: Want More Sales? Do THIS First

The instagram algorithm isn’t the thing standing between you and more sales. There, I said it. You also won’t find the answer in creating an email funnel, signing up to some sales psychology program or perfecting your pinterest strategy. It also doesn’t matter how you sell - whether that’s through webinars, calls or ads - or even what you sell. The fact of the matter is, if you aren’t making the kind of money you desire in your business and you want to be selling more there is ONE root cause.

That’s right, ONE thing that we all have in common as business owners. Fix that root cause? And you’re golden. Continue addressing the symptoms of poor sales and you’ll be wasting a ton of time and energy my love. And we’re mothers and business owners, we don’t have time or energy to spending in the wrong places, right?

So if you want more sales, you’re going to need to do this one thing first. Let’s talk about what it is!



  • Cori reveals the ONE root cause of sales problems that applies to you regardless of what you sell and how you’re trying to sell it
  • She calls BS on the advice and solutions being bandied about by our industry
  • Cori steps you all the way from your lackluster sales through each of the layers to the real root of the problem so that you can see how each of these layers are working together to create your current sales situation
  • She talks about the two key things you need to do in order to fix the root cause and enjoy more sales with ease
  • Cori tells the story of how she first fixed this root cause in her own business and how it resulted in 3 sales on the same day

Show Notes

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