Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Eighty Five

EP185: How I Cured My Loneliness in Business

The unsexy truth about business is that it can be incredibly lonely. But I don’t think it gets talked about enough so I want us to change that today.

Because I know there are likely women listening to this – possibly you my love? – who are feeling lonely or isolated by being a business owner right now.

And having been there I get it.  I like sooooo get it.

I will fully admit that I have experienced some painfully lonely times in my business.  There were times when things went horribly wrong and I wept alone in my office without anyone who would really understand.  Equally there have been times when I have achieved something epic and felt amazing and then suddenly felt so alone without someone who truly gets it to celebrate with.

Those are like the two ends of the loneliness spectrum but there can be all manner of opportunities to feel isolated or like no one gets it in between.

So I want us to unpack this topic today.  I want you to know that you’re not alone in your loneliness but more importantly I want to share how I cured my loneliness in business once and for all so that you can too.

I’m with you my love, so let’s do this!



  • Cori normalises the fact that sometimes bad things happen in biz…permission for this to suck.
  • She shares her feelings around needing other mothers in business who really see you and hear you and totally GET IT
  • Cori talks about the reasons why you might feel lonely, some of these are not always obvious…you can feel lonely during the good times as well as the bad
  • She reveals the journey she took to take back control, reach out and make space to cure the loneliness

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