Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Twenty Four

#024: Creating a Legacy of Abundance

Just imagine you had grown up, all through your childhood, teenage years, and adulthood until now… believing in abundance.  Believing in your limitless potential.

Believing in your ability to create and shape your reality. How different would your life have been right now if that was the case?  How different would your life be going forward, if you had a truly abundant mindset?

Well guess what?  We get to give that gift of an abundance mindset to ourselves and even more exciting still as a mother, we get to pass on a mindset of abundance – a legacy of abundance – to our kids.  Just think what could be possible for them?! I don’t know about you, but that prospect really gets me fired up and excited.

Let’s talk about creating a legacy of abundance. Let’s do it for the kids!



  • Cori explains her interpretation of what a Legacy of Abundance actually is
  • She reveals why she is so passionate about creating a Legacy of Abundance and why you should be too
  • Cori wants her daughter to feel about MONEY the way she feels about WATER…clean, clear and free flowing!
  • She breaks down how to create a Legacy of Abundance yourself
  • Cori adds a Dash of Woo to this week’s abundance topic

Show Notes

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