Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Eighteen

#018: Overcoming Obstacles with Kylie Travers

Hello hello Limitless Mothers wow do we have a corker of a guest for today’s show. I’m interviewing Kylie Travers who has just the most incredible story to share. She has overcome all manner of obstacles and really turned things around in her life.  

Her story is a testament to both the power we have to shape our own reality and to the critical importance of taking care of ourselves.

We’re going to dig into Kylie’s journey from a homeless single mother to starting her own business but how that soon segued into severe stress, burnout and serious debilitating health issues.  Kylie has an incredible ability to turn obstacles into positives and shares with us her most recent discoveries which have enabled her to work less and earn more.

Let’s get to it!  Let’s go to the show.



  • Kylie talks about how she found herself homeless and a single parent but how she turned that around by starting her own business
  • Cori and Kylie discuss the serious health issues that Kylie has experienced and the link between stress and health and the importance of that mind-body connection
  • Cori and Kylie talk about the importance of prioritising your mental and physical wellbeing as a mother and business owner and the key to working less and earning more
  • Kylie talks about how she instills independence in her children as a way of finding balance
  • Cori asks Kylie about her mission to empower women through financial independence and how that influences her work
  • Kylie shares her top tips for overcoming obstacles and some of the practices that were instrumental in her dramatically changing her life circumstances and dramatically improving her health

Show Notes

More about Kylie:In the space of 3 years Kylie went from being a homeless single mother because of domestic violence to multiple international award-winning marketing CEO, speaker, writer and ambassador.

Kylie is passionate about empowering women through financial independence and shares ways to make and save money, tips to market without money and how to turn obstacles into opportunities – which she’s definitely learned a thing or two about! – on her website and through her speaking and consulting work. Kylie joins me today from Australia where she lives with her two daughters.

Find out more over at Kylie’s own website here and at her blog The Thrifty Issue here

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Cori and Kylie mention the following books:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks*

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay*

The Miracle Morning by Hal Enrod

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