Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Eighty

#080: Meet the Team: Kim and I Take You Behind The Scenes and Talk Podcast Success

There’s a guest on the show!  What-the-what?! Somebody sound the alarm! It’s been a while, right?  What can I say, I get a bit selfish wanting you all to myself, lol.  But in all seriousness, I DO love having guests on the show and I plan to bring you more over the coming months.

Today you’re getting a super special episode because I’m introducing you to one of the team here at Cori Javid Ltd: Kim DiFillippo.  I’m excited for you to hear about Kim’s business journey from 9-5 to podcast producer extraordinaire.  

But here’s the other reason we decided to do this episode: I get a TON of questions about starting your own podcast and I know that many of you are aware of how my business exploded after launching mine… so as always I’m keen to give you the real deal. 

So not only are Kim and I taking you behind the scenes of podcasting but we’re redefining what podcast success REALLY means and what it really looks like because we see so many misconceptions out there. So whether you’re thinking of starting your own podcast and are keen to learn from the expert; or whether you’re excited to hear about another Mama making biz and motherhood work for her, you’re going to love this episode

.Let’s dive in, shall we?  Let’s go to the show!



  • Kim shares her journey to passionate podcast producer and how she blends business with motherhood
  • Cori and Kim dig into tips on HOW to launch a successful podcast
  • They talk through the meaning of podcast success…this isn’t necessarily what you might think!
  • Cori and Kim share behind the scenes processes and what the workflows look like in order to create the finished polished podcasts that listeners enjoy.

Show Notes

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