Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Thirty Three

EP133: Why Money Is An Inside Game (& How To Play To Win)

What if I told you that making more money was actually just a game? Would you believe me? Here’s the thing: whether or not you believe making money is a game… you’re in it. The question really is: are you playing with intention? Are you playing to win?

On today’s show I’m going to tell you why money is an inside game. And I’ll be sharing with you a client story that illustrates this perfectly. Once I’ve convinced you – because I’m confident that I will – that it IS in fact an inside game… I’m guessing you’re going to feel better.

Why? Because you’re back in the position of power then. Suddenly, you’ve been handed the rulebook and a bat. And once I’ve told you why money is an inside game… I’m going one better. I’m going to tell you precisely how to play to win. Because when you win my love, we ALL win.

Ready to start playing this game with intention? Not to mention the winning!

Then let’s do it. Let’s go to the show.



  • Cori explains why there’s no getting away from the fact that money is an inside game and that attempts to deny this are futile
  • She talks about the common reservations she hears to embracing the inner game… and helps you shift past them
  • Cori shares a really simple but really powerful client story that illustrates – once and for all – that while strategy is necessary, it is not the key to making more money
  • She talks about why thinking of money as a game is an important energetic shift and how it has helped her
  • Cori outlines the 5 steps you can take to play the game of money… and WIN :)

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Episode 133

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