Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Seventy Three

The LIE This Industry Tells You & Why It’s Not Your Fault

Here’s the thing: this industry we’re in? This online business space? It feeds us one really consistent lie All. The. Time. And this lie is super harmful. It keeps too many business owners plateauing, stuck and sometimes even prevents them from really getting started.

I am sick of this lie and so on today’s show I’m here to break down this lie, expose it for what it really is and show you why it’s not your fault if you have succumbed to the negative consequences of believing this. It’s time to empower ourselves with the TRUTH my love… and with it, unlock more ease, more abundance and more joy.

Come on, let’s go dismantle this lie!



  • Cori is feeling fired up today as she shines a light on this prevalent and toxic lie that we’re fed as business owners
  • She discusses why it is so ubiquitous and why it is so harmful to us
  • Cori dismantles this lie and looks at why it’s not your fault if you have been succumbing to the negative consequences of buying into this lie
  • She shares the truth that needs to be exposed and how it holds the key to getting unstuck, in the hope that you feel empowered to leave behind this lie and start creating more abundance in your biz with more joy and ease
  • Cori points out the second pitfall that can often trap women once they’ve seen the lie for what it is, so that you can avoid it and get what you need to create the life and results you desire

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