Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Six


So…. picture this: you’ve been struggling with your business for a while.  Maybe you just can’t get the damn thing off the ground. Or maybe you’re struggling to make consistent income.  Or maybe you’re feeling completely overwhelmed. And then someone comes into your life, like a golden beacon of hope offering you precisely the support you need. You do your research, you watch all of her content, you have a call with her. You are SO excited to get this support, knowing it is going to mean great things for your business, maybe even your life.

But then.  You have a conversation with your husband or partner… and he’s a no. Suddenly that rug is whipped out from under you.

Well fear not my love, I have tons of experience in this situation.  I’ve dealt with it in my own life and I’ve coached many women through the same.

It’s time for you to feel empowered to have that investment conversation in a way that will feel good for you and your husband.  I’ve got the tips you need.

Let’s go to the show!



  • Cori talks about her story and how she came to the realisation that you need support in your business to shortcut your way to success
  • She explains some of the negative thoughts and feelings clients have had about investing in support when they aren’t earning anything or enough money
  • Cori shares her experience of having that all important conversation with her husband
  • She shares the 5 step strategy to follow for getting support when your husband or partner is not on board
  • Don’t forget to listen out for that all important little dash of woo!

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