Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Fifteen

#015: How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy

Sales and selling.  Whew! Just those words can strike up such feelings of dread.  The very idea of selling can make you feel all kinds of awkward.

But here’s the thing, selling is SUCH a crucial skill.  Without being able to sell in a way that feels good to you and to the other person… your business is dying a slow death.  Maybe not even slow. Just sayin’.

One of my newer clients signed her very first client yesterday.  And the absolute BEST part? She told me it felt easy. How good is that?

I want that for you too.  I want you to feel good about selling.

It’s totally possible and I’m bringing you my 5 best tips to sell without feeling salesy today.

Let’s dive in!



  • Cori talks about the importance of feeling comfortable with sales…no sales equals no business, Mama!!
  • She discusses why we might feel afraid of being salesy, the stories we have told ourselves and how to change these
  • Cori shares her 5 Key Ways that YOU can start selling without feeling salesy…you might want to grab a pen!
  • She confirms that if you follow these steps you get to make the money you want to make… but do it in a way that feels good.  Win win.
  • Cori let’s you in on a little woo-woo technique that she uses during and after sales conversations

Show Notes

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