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EP226: Her Husband Was Able to Quit His Job Because of These Strategies She Used to Make More

Imagine making so much money that your husband/wife/partner didn’t have to work. Whether or not that’s a particular goal of yours, I want you to think about the freedom that comes with making that kind of money.  Of being able to make big life-changing decisions because money is not the thing holding you back.

How would you exercise that kind of financial freedom?  Would you encourage your partner to quit?  Or maybe you’d bring them into your business?  Or maybe you’d move your family somewhere you’ve always dreamed of living?  Or maybe you’d be able to set yourselves up for mega early retirement.  Or maybe, like me, you would finance a family gap year in which your husband doesn’t have to work?

I want us to talk about what is REALLY required to make that kind of money today.

That’s why I’m back with another client case study.  We’re going to be getting REAL about the strategies my client used to make more money.  So much more that her husband was able to quit the job he hated.

Whether or not you want to retire your partner, I think we can all agree that making this kind of money is pretty effing cool.

So let’s talk about how!


  • Cori brings all the practical and the mindset in this episode by sharing her clients shift behind the win
  • She talks about the importance of tuning into what your clients need and want from you and how delivering on this is an effective growth strategy
  • Cori shares what financial freedom looks like to her

Show Notes

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