Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Eight

#008: The Power of Passion + Belief with Emily Carr

On today’s show I’m joined by Emily of Create Gift Love. Emily tells us about how she started her business from the garden shed, designing and creating personalised gifts made from sustainable, responsibly sourced materials… and how that has grown and evolved to a team of ten creating products to order from their workshop in the New Forest.

Emily talks us through the challenges of experiencing so much change as her business took off alongside her getting married, bringing her husband into the business and having two kids!  What’s it like working with your husband? Is it possible to find a sense of balance with such a bustling business and young family? What have been the keys to her success?

We discuss all this and more… let’s go to the show.



  • Cori asks Emily how she made the transition from pharmacist to personalised gift creator
  • Emily tells us about her experience of bringing her husband into the business and how they have nurtured a working relationship that works for them
  • Cori and Emily discuss the highs and lows of juggling family and business
  • Emily describes how belief has underpinned her success so far and how important it is to love what you sell The pair discuss how woo they are and the impact of the law of attraction on their lives

Show Notes

Emily, Tony and the team at Create Gift Love make all of their products from responsibly sourced materials and all are made by hand to order. If you’re keen to find out more head over to Create Gift Love. And if you really love her products she’s currently offering 10% off if you join her newsletter, so go check that out.

You can also follow Emily on Instagram and Facebook

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