Limitless Mother Podcast Episode Five

#005: How to be irresistible to your audience

So let me ask you something: wouldn’t it be great if you could magnetise your ideal clients to you?  If it felt like they were being drawn to you, rather than feeling like you’re chasing them?

Well guess, what?  That’s totally possible.  You just need to know how to be IRRESISTIBLE to your audience.  And if you’re thinking, well that’s great Cori, but how do I do that?  Then listen up because I have you covered today.



  • Cori talks about discovering who and where your ideal clients are
  • She shares her experiences of creating consistent content that will resonate with your ideal clients
  • Cori shares THREE things you can do to be IRRESISTIBLE to your audience
  • She also explains how shifting your MINDSET really underpins these strategies
  • Cori offers a little dash of woo and shares how her morning routine has had an awesome effect on her result

Show Notes

Learning how to convert those warm leads you’ve attracted into paying customers and clients was one of the 7 steps I took to replace my corporate income within 3 months of launching.

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