Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Seventy Eight

EP178: Identity Shifts, Getting Support & Hitting 6 Figures with Michelle Vroom

There’s an almost visceral shift that happens when you get to the 6 figure mark. No, it doesn’t make you happier, more worthy, better looking or suddenly mean you have all your shit together. But it is, in fact, an important moment as a business owner.

This is something that Michelle Vroom, our guest on today’s episode, believes to be true. You are going to L.O.V.E. this episode. First of all, she shares so many common values, she’s our people. Secondly I just adore how willing Michelle is to be totally honest about her journey in business so far from the sexy (like being challenged by her coach to hit a 10k month and blowing right past that just 2 weeks later) and the not-so-sexy (like having a full scale adult tantrum).

We cover SO MUCH in this episode, it is absolute gold. From the truth about finding the trust to take the leap into biz, to the real pull that we often feel between our identities as mother and business owner, to allowing ourselves to be supported without making that wrong, to building true community as the cornerstone of cultivating relationships and signing clients into your biz. See? So much!

How about I stop telling you about how much goodness there is in this episode and we just get on with it already? Let’s dive in!



  • Michelle shares with us her journey from early motherhood to new business owner all within her maternity leave and what enabled her to trust herself enough to make that leap, even though she was the family breadwinner at that time
  • Cori asks Michelle about the feeling of sometimes conflicting identities between mother and business owner and what Michelle’s experience of shifting identity has been like
  • Michelle describes that moment (which seems amusing now but wasn’t at the time!) when she knew she had hit burnout and couldn’t continue without support
  • Cori and Michelle get real about the challenges, fears and doubts that still confront them at every new level
  • Michelle talks about feeling worthy of having options and freedom as women
  • Cori asks Michelle why helping get her clients to 6-figures is such an important marker for her
  • The pair discuss the magic that happens when you get driven women in a room together
  • Michelle describes the power of community as a way of creating relationships and from there ensuring you always have access to the clients you desire and shares with us her top 3 tips for building true communities that feel good for members to be part of AND work for your business

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