Limitless Mother Podcast Episode One Hundred and Eight

EP 108: How I Ended Comparisonitis (And You Can Too!)

Ahhh comparisonitis.  We live in an age where we are surrounded by opportunities to compare ourselves to others… and end up feeling like we came out of the comparison unfavourably.  Whether it is comparing our body shape, our qualifications, our number of followers, our bank account, our homes, our relationships… I mean the list goes on, right?  But regardless of what it is the fact remains it is SO easy to get caught up in that comparisonitis and feel, well, really crap as a result.

And I am saying all of this as someone who has BEEN there.  I was jealous of the mothers making it look easy when I was crying in milk sodden pjs not knowing why my baby wouldn’t feed.  I have been envious of friends who just always seemed so damn lucky. I’ve compared my hips to the hips of thousands of slender women.  And you BET that when I started my business I was comparing my audience, my website, my photos, my sales pages to other “more successful” women out there, feeling inept, feeling like I didn’t measure up.  See? Got the t-shirt, me.  

But!  These days I am simply not available for spending swathes of time feeling crappy about myself.  So I made a vow to end it. And after some trial and error, I did. But along the way I found a surprising truth about comparison

So on today’s show I’m sharing how I ended comparisonitis – so that you can too – and my advice might not be what you expect!

Are you ready to give comparisonitis the elbow?



  • Cori feels social media seems set up to encourage us to compare ourselves.
  • She reveals that comparing ourselves is not ALWAYS a bad thing!!
  • Cori admits to the ways she used to compare herself to others in life and business and HOW she put a stop to this.
  • She explains how you can USE comparison and envy for the GOOD.
  • Cori’s Dash of Woo is to go there and get real!!

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