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EP201: We Need to Talk About the Economy

We need to talk about the economy my love. Yep, it’s time.

If you’re worried about what is going to happen to the economy as a result of the pandemic fallout, this episode is for you.

If you want to recession-proof your business, this episode is for you.

Or if you just want to hear my outlandish, perhaps even audacious plan… this is also for you.

We’re talking about the economy today… and more importantly, we’re talking about empowerment.

Let’s get into it.


  • Cori talks about us mothers in business having to operate within systems that don’t have our interests at heart – the economy being one
  • She provides an alternative approach for us, she has taken back our power from the economy and is handing it back to us
  • Cori suggest a new definition for money…money 2.0, one that takes it from taboo to fun and abundant

Show Notes

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